Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Early Morning Arrival = Lazy 2nd Day in GC

After last night late TV session for World Cup, The Day still start rather early for most of us. 9.30am. Just a 4hr sleep. It is time for Breakfast. We didn't have to travel far to find one. And for once, I thought I was in the wrong Continent. Europe? - Paris Fashion Cafe??

A Nice cup of coffee to start a lazy day.

And a Hearty Breakfast to compliment the Coffee. Now I am feeling hungry after that 7hrs on a flight eating mediocre in flight meals...

All of us look sleepy...haha...but no choice, can't waste a day just for sleeping. It is time to explore the surroundings.

These guys are perking themselves up with Orange Juice!!!

It was a rather rainy start in Gold Coast actually, make us wonder if this weather will continue into the weekend. But the sign on Traffic conditions for the Marathon is already up everywhere around town. GCAM seem like a really big thing here.

Decided to go get the food necessary for tomorrow breakfast @ Coles at the supermarket nearby. Return back to the Apartment to settle down a while, pack our groceries a bit before setting off for Harbourtown.

Tickets for buses in Australia can be super expensive. Though it was just like a 30 mins ride. It cost us 5AUD. Expensive. Since it is a rainy day today, the best thing to do is indoor activities, Shopping!!!

Rainy days definitely keep the crowds away or are we just late. Since most shop closed early else way but not Harbourtown which open till 9pm.

Decided to settle in a local Western Food Place for Dinner @ Nonnas. Choose the Fish for Dinner. Hopeful enough protein for the run....anyway rather high calories, so it should be call Carbo loading stage now

Wonderful Mushroom soup in a cup of bread....

The place was really dark, none of our hand phone was really good enough to capture enough light. But this is the decent enough photos of us.....haha..
The last event of the day is to find our ways back to our apartment.  We actually shop till all the shops are closed.. and it was a rather cold experience now with the wind blowing rather strong. 

Coming up tomorrow, Race Pack Collection.

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